Our history

Smyczek from 1985 to today

Tradition meets advanced technology

While the origins of Smyczek GmbH date back to 1978, the company was actually founded in 1985 by Beate Smyczek. The company has existed in its current form since 1987, taking in PCB production, test field services, and the manufacture of automation modules for quality assurance (CAM, CAQ). Smyczek GmbH became a member of the Beckhoff group of companies on December 1, 2009.


  • Managing Director Roland Smyczek retires
  • Michael Schlegel is the sole managing director
  • Expansion of the production area at the new Delbrück site by 6500 m²
  • Addition of 2 soldering robots. A total of 12 soldering robots are in operation
  • Expansion of laser markers by adding 6 TruMark1000 and 2 TruMark3000


  • 4 new SMT lines put into operation
  • 5 SMT lines replaced at the Ostenland site
  • Expansion of warehousing space with a new warehouse building in Verl covering 2,250 m² with 6100 pallet spaces in mobile racking
  • Third Ersa Powerflow wave soldering system put into operation
  • Fifth and sixth THT AOI system installed
  • Laser soldering system featuring XPlanar technology installed
  • Third ASYS depaneling router put into operation
  • Ninth and tenth soldering robots installed


  • 6 new SMT lines put into operation
  • Third Versaflow selective soldering system installed
  • Second THT special placer from Panasonic installed
  • Second ASYS depaneling saw put into operation
  • 6 more Apollo Seiko soldering robots installed
  • 6 TruMark1000 and 2 TruMark3000 laser markers go into operation


  • Introduction of 2 soldering robots from Apollo Seiko


  • Expansion of the total area at the headquarters in Verl by 10,000 m²
  • 3 new SMT lines put into operation
  • Installation of the dry tower; an automatic SMD storage system
  • Introduction of an automatic barcode reading station in outgoing goods
  • Divisio4000 depaneling saw goes into operation
  • First 2 Elmontec piston soldering robots put into operation


  • 5 new SMT lines (3 Yamaha YSM modules each) successfully installed and put into operation very quickly
  • Another Ersa Powerflow and Versaflow go into operation
  • Panasonic NPM-VF THT special placer installed
  • Introduction of second ASYS depaneling system
  • Installation of 3 TruMark1000 and 1 TruMark3000


  • Fourth THT AOI system from Göpel installed
  • X-ray counting device for recording the quantity of opened containers is successfully up and running
  • 2 scanner systems for automatic container detection and container allocation exceed expectations
  • Relocation of assembly mounting and 5 SMT lines to the additional Delbrück Ostenland site
  • Introduction of 3 TruMark1000 and 1 TruMark3000


  • Another ASYS depaneling system put into operation
  • Another ICT from Digitaltest put into operation


  • Installation of 7 SPI systems: CKD
  • Installation of our first AXI: Omron X-ray inspection system
  • Expansion of parking lots and landscaping of outdoor space
  • Introduction and certification of an energy management system in accordance with EN 50001


  • Installation of twelfth and thirteenth SMT line
  • Extension of warehouse and THT area (1,200 + 800 m²)


  • Introduction of end-to-end traceability
  • Introduction of a separate THR process with solder paste dispenser
  • Introduction of paperless production


  • Introduction of an LPKF stencil laser
  • Installation of second Seho PowerSelective soldering system


  • Installation of tenth and eleventh SMT line
  • Introduction of Viscom SPI technology
  • Installation of 2 more THT AOI systems


  • Installation of our first OptiCon BasicLine THT AOI system from Göpel
  • Integration into the Beckhoff Automation group of companies


  • Expansion of the production area to 4500 m²
  • Introduction of an ERP system (Infor)
  • Installation of an Ersa Powerflow wave soldering system and a Seho PowerSelective soldering system


  • Introduction of an SAR1000 depaneling router


  • Relocation of operations to Verl
  • Expansion of the production area to 3,000 m²
  • X-ray inspection introduced with Phoenix x-ray


  • Installation of a Versaflow selective soldering system


  • Expansion of the production area to 1,500 m²
  • 4 SMT lines and 2 Viscom AOI systems


  • Introduction of Viscom AOI system
  • Certification by BVQI in accordance with DIN ISO 9002


  • Expansion of the production area to 1,100 m²
  • 3 SMT lines in operation


  • Expansion of the production area to 600 m²
  • Introduction of surface mount technology (SMT)


  • Conversion into a limited partnership with Roland Smyczek as limited partner


  • Founded by Beate Smyczek
  • Production area of 300 m²