THT production

High flexibility and short throughput times

Advanced THT assembly with certified quality

Immerse yourself in our THT department, which is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art machines. From the latest Ersa selective soldering systems through placement robots and automated depaneling saws, we offer a wide range of advanced equipment. An integral part of our THT department is terminal assembly, for which we have several soldering robots and laser marking machines. To guarantee the highest quality, we carry out extensive functional tests to ensure that the manufactured components meet the specific requirements and work perfectly.


  • 4 wave soldering systems
    • 3x Powerflow (Ersa)
    • 1x N-Wave (Ersa)
  • 5 selective soldering systems
    • 3x Versaflow line with selective soldering (Ersa)
    • 2x PowerSelective (Seho)
  • 2 automatic THT special placers (Panasonic)
  • Manual follow-up assembly with manual soldering
  • Visual inspection
  • 6 BasicLine THT AOI systems (Göpel)
  • Laser soldering system featuring XPlanar (Eutect)
  • Office for recordation of personal status robot (Hessen)
  • 4 depaneling routers
    • SAR1000 (GAS)
    • Divisio2100 (Asys)
  • 2 depaneling saws
    • 1x Divisio4000 + manual pallet handling
    • 1x Divisio4000 + Pario [automatic pallet handling] (Asys)
  • Terminal assembly
    • 12x soldering robots (Apollo Seiko)
    • 12x TruMark1000 lasers (Trumpf)
    • 4x Trumark3000 lasers (Trumpf)
  • Functional tests
    • ICT
    • FT
    • HV
    • X-ray
  • Mounting
    • Protective coating/potting
    • Device mounting
  • Rework
    • Repairs from the smallest SMD components to ball grid arrays (BGA)
  • Terminal assembly
    • Functional tests

Selective soldering system

Selective soldering of an assembly

Special placers in THT

Desoldering of a BGA

Manual placement during wave soldering

Special placer in THT from the outside